Facts about the Easy Mongolia South tour


Driver skills: advanced

Daily kilometers: 100 - 200 off-road

Minimum number of participants: 3

Tour duration: 7 days, including 5 driving days

Start / end: Ulaanbaatar

Recommended travel time: June - mid-September

Price per person: € 2,190



We have put together this tour to offer everyone interested in enduro travel the opportunity to get to know this beautiful country on a motorcycle in 5 days. We try to present many different landscapes, so we visit the Terelj National Park, cross one or the other river, etc. Perfect to travel to Mongolia for the first time with the sport enduro without being away from home for 14 days.


All of our tours are open-air events, i.e. Depending on the weather conditions, we reserve the right to make tours and program changes. However, our goal is always to be able to offer our guests an unforgettable journey.




Day 1

Arrival in Ulaanbaatar, transfer to Oasis Guesthouse, introductory tour and city tour of Ulaanbaatar with dinner.

Overnight at the Oasis Guesthouse!


Day 2

Departure south to the little Erdmutterstein Mittelgobi.

Overnight at the Gercamp. (Daily distance approx. 260 km)


Day 3

Continue south through Gurvansaikhan and Ulziit (district towns) to the sandstone canyon Weisse Stupa.

Overnight at the Gercamp. (Daily distance approx. 250 km)


Day 4

Head west through Canyon Red Cliffs to the Saikhan Ovoo region.

Overnight at the Gercamp. (Daily distance approx. 300 km)


Day 5

Continue north to the granite mountains Zorgol Kairkhan.

Overnight in a tent. (Daily distance approx. 260 km)


Day 6

Return to Ulaanbaatar. The evening in the city is free.

Overnight at hotel. (Daily distance approx. 135 km)


Day 7

transfer to the airport


Total kilometers: approx. 1250km of which approx. 95% off-road