Facts about the Gobi Adventure tour:


Skill level: advanced

Daily kilometers: 100 - 200 off-road

Minimum number of participants: 3

Tour duration: 14 days, including 12 driving days

Start / end: Ulaanbaatar

Recommended travel time: July - mid-September

Price per Person: 4,390 €



The GOBI, it takes your breath away, the Enduro heart beats faster at the sight of these endless expanses. Every participant can feel like a hobby rally driver here, sometimes driving in sandy passages, then again on gravel. The colors of the landscapes change every hour, black, red, green. In the very south you will find the largest sand dune far and wide. An Eldorado for every enduro traveler.


All of our tours are open-air events, i.e. Depending on the weather conditions, we reserve the right to make tours and program changes. However, our goal is always to be able to offer our guests an unforgettable journey.




Day 1

Arrival in Ulaanbaatar, check-in at the hotel, introductory round, program discussion, shopping, bike check,

Overnight at hotel.


Day 2-4

Departure southwards to Dalanzadgad, past Grosser Erdmutterstein, nature reserves, and also white stupa.


Day 5-10

Drive over the provincial capital Dalanzadgad to the Geierschlucht - foothills of the Altai mountain range.

Overnight at the Gercamp

Heading west to the 130 km long sand dune Hongoriin Els (singing dune) with a hike to the highest point. Today we drive north-west to the Red Cliffs with a visit to the dinosaur excavations and then a short drive to the large Saxaul forests.

Drive to the Ongij monastery ruins in the Central Gobi area.


Day 11-13

Return to Ulaan Bataar.


Day 14

Airport transfer to Ulaan Bataar.