Facts about the Discover Mongolia tour:


Skill level: advanced

Daily kilometers: 200 - 320 off-road

Minimum number of participants: 3

Tour duration: 10 days, including 8 driving days

Start / end: Ulaanbaatar

Recommended travel time: July, August

Price per person: € 3,090



Day 1

Arrival to Ulaanbaatar, Basecamp and Guesthouse check in,

sight seeing and checking the programme;


Day 2

Ride to the Baga Gazryn Chuluu, protected landscape with woods, great rocks and living space for many wild animals; next stop will be the town Mandalgobi; sleeping in the hotel; riding a total distance of about 320 km;


Day 3

Riding south through the Delgerhandai mountains to the Red Cliffs, staying overnight in the Gercamp;

riding a distance of about 315 km;


Day 4

Ride on to the Gurvansaikhan mountains to Bayandlai Sum, along the dune to Khongoryn Els, overnight in the Gercamp, total distance of about 230 km;


Day 5

Move north to the province of Uwurkhangai, sleeping in a hotel in Arweicheer, riding a distance of about 320 km today;


Day 6

Today we ride to the hot springs of Tsenkher, therefore we have to cross the river at Bat Ulziit, staying overnight in the Gercamp, total distance of 230 km;


Day 7

Riding through woods and lawns to Karakorum (the capital of Chinggis Kahn) and move on to the Ugii Nuur lake, overnight in the Gercamp; distance today: about 200 km;


Day 8

East direction through the sand dunes of Elsen Tasarkhai to the Buren mountains, sleeping in a tent, total distance of about 290 km;


Day 9

Back to Ulaanbaatar, we arrive in Ulaanbaatar in the early afternoon, overnight in the hotel, total distance of about 200 km that day;


Day 10

Transfer to the airport!


Total distance of 2350km, about 90% offroad!