Flight & Arrival

Please inquire at the Mongolian embassy in your home country for the necessary visa. If you need help in this regard, please contact us. In this context, we would like to point out again that accident and travel return insurance is urgently needed.


The flights are not included in our tour package prices. We can recommend the following airlines in Europe:


Turkish Airlines




The following services are included in the tour price:

- Support vehicles including fuel, guide, driver and mechanic

- Rental motorcycles KTM 450 EXC including fuel

- One night's accommodation on each day of arrival and departure in Ulaanbaatar (folklore and city tour possible on request)

- Every 3rd night overnight in top yurt camps, remaining nights in a 1-2 man tent (mat and sleeping bag bring participants)

- Sufficient food and non-alcoholic drinks

- Transfer from and to the airport


  NOT included:


- flight

(however, we can help with the booking)

- Motorbike deposit € 500 to be paid in cash on site

- Insurance: accident insurance and return transport

- Motorbike insurance - there are 2 variants to choose from:


1.) Comprehensive insurance (+ € 90 in addition to the travel price, SB € 500)

2.) Damages will be charged according to expenditure

(Working time + spare parts according to European list price)


95% of the routes are driven on unpaved terrain. Depending on the tour, there are different levels of difficulty, for more information see point Tours. You don't have to be an off-road professional to start a journey with us. However, experience on a motorcycle is generally a requirement.


Each tour is escorted by 2 support vehicles, in which luggage, spare parts, food, etc. are stowed. The Mongolian escort team consists of a German-speaking guide, mechanic and 2 drivers. We take turns sleeping in tents or in so-called ger camps. These are traditional yurt camps in which, in addition to a simple restaurant, there are also sanitary facilities. Camping equipment such as a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, flashlight, etc. should not be missing on the luggage list.


Protective equipment for motorcycling must be taken by each participant. We recommend: helmet + glasses, breastplate, enduro pants and jacket, knee pads, enduro boots, bandana.


Mongolia is a country in the heart of Asia and covers around 1.56 million square kilometers. The population is around 2.8 million. Due to this low population density, there is enough space for our tours across the country. The country borders Russia in the north, China in the east, south and a large part in the west and Kazakhstan with a small part in the west. The national language is Mongolian, but many of the Mongols speak Russian, German and English. As soon as you arrive in the capital Ulaanbaatar, you realize that it is a Buddhist country. Friendliness and hospitality are very important.



During the travel season we have daytime temperatures between 15 degrees in the north and up to 30 degrees in the south (Gobi). At night it can cool down to 3 degrees in May and September, especially in the Gobi Desert. In winter it can be as cold as 40 degrees Celsius.



Of course, one cannot expect the same hygienic standards as in Europe. Especially during our trips in the country, it can happen that we don't meet a human soul for a day. It is therefore advisable to take a small first-aid kit with you. From our own experience, we know that gastrointestinal upset can occur. The travel participants will receive detailed information on the recommended composition of the pharmacy separately.


Due to the remoteness, immediate medical care is not always possible during our tours. For this reason, a satellite telephone and an emergency GPS transmitter are part of the standard equipment of our support vehicles.



From the 2017 season we will be driving with the KTM 450 EXC. The KTM 450 EXC is a very easy-to-control bike, but it always brings enough power to the rear wheel even for the advanced rider. Just pure fun!

After each tour, our vehicles are serviced and kept in top condition. Repairs will also be carried out immediately by our accompanying mechanic during the trip.


Engine and transmission data:

Displacement: 449.3 cc

Dry weight: 106 kg

Transmission: 6 speed

Performance: sufficient