Facts about the Tour Go West:


Skill level: advanced

Daily kilometers: 100 - 200 off-road

Minimum number of participants: 3

Tour duration: 10 days, including 8 driving days

Start / end: Ulaanbaatar

Recommended travel time: June - September

Price per person: € 3,090



Day 1

Arrival in Ulaanbaatar. After checking in at the hotel, you go

going on a city tour. After the cultural offer we go to

Lunch in a good restaurant in Ulaanbaatar.

In the evening we perfect the cultural program with traditional ones

Mongolian music and dances.

Overnight in our base camp and guest house Oasis.


Day 2

Today after breakfast we start our Enduro adventure towards

Southwest to the first stage, the Zorgolkhairhan Mountains.

The planned arrival is in the afternoon. Here we will be the most impressive

Visit rock formations.

Overnight in a tent.


Day 3

We continue our journey towards the southwest.

Come through the city of Sum and the centers of Delgerkhaan, Bayan-Undur and Ulzijt

we to the most central point of Mongolia.

Overnight in a tent.


Day 4

We make our way through the Mongolian steppe to the lava field of the Orkhon waterfall.

We make a stop at Tuvchun Monastery.

It is one of the oldest monastery complexes in Mongolia, which is very closely related

the first Buddhist leader Dzanabadsar (1635 - 1723).

The path continues along the Orkhon River to the Ulaan Gol waterfall.

Overnight at the Gercamp.


Day 5

The trip to the hot springs of Tsenkher is on the program. The sulphurous

Water gushes out of the ground at 86 ° C. In hot stone pools you can do that

Enjoy water.

Overnight at the Gercamp.


Day 6

We continue towards Ugij Nuur Lake, which lies in the Mongolian steppe.

Overnight in a tent.


Day 7

We drive east through the nomadic land and cross it

desert-like landscapes, sand dunes and rocky sections.

The daily goal is the Hogno Han mountain, where we have different

visit interesting rock formations.

Overnight at the rock formations in the tent.


Day 8

Continue to the Khustain National Park where we see the Prjewalski horses that were once in the

all of Mongolia were extinct.

Overnight at the Gercamp.


Day 9

Our last stage takes us back to Ulaanbaatar, where we arrive in the early afternoon.

After checking into the hotel, we meet for a dinner together.


Day 10

Transfer to the airport!