95% of the routes are driven on unpaved terrain. Depending on the tour, there are different levels of difficulty, for more information see point Tours. You don't have to be an off-road professional to start a journey with us. However, experience on a motorcycle is generally a requirement.


Each tour is escorted by 2 support vehicles, in which luggage, spare parts, food, etc. are stowed. The Mongolian escort team consists of a German-speaking guide, mechanic and 2 drivers.


We take turns sleeping in tents or in so-called ger camps. These are traditional yurt camps in which, in addition to a simple restaurant, there are also sanitary facilities. Camping equipment such as a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, flashlight, etc. should not be missing on the luggage list.


Protective equipment for motorcycling must be taken by each participant. We recommend: helmet + glasses, breastplate, enduro pants and jacket, knee pads, enduro boots, bandana.